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Solarez Epoxy Weenie Kit (EPS Safe)

$12.00 CAD
Solarez Epoxy Weenie Kit (EPS Safe): $12.00 CAD My cart
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Solarez Epoxy Weenie Kit (EPS Safe)
0.5 oz tube of Solarez Epoxy fiberfill putty
SOLAREZ Epoxy repair putty is a mixture of clear, high strength, fiber reinforced epoxy resin and an amazing solar activated cataylst. There is no mixing required. Just use it right from the tube. It gels in 5 seconds, curing in 3 minutes - but ONLY when exposed to sunlight.
No mixing necessary. UV curing assues complete hardening.
Provides complete crosslinking
Remarkably tough and resilient
Contains urethanes that prevent yellowing
ECO-Friendly ZERO vapors, non-flammable.
Comes with 60/240 grit sand pad.
in a crush-proof watertight plastic capsule.

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