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Sharp Eye Surfboards - Storms 6’4” x 20" x 2.7"

$1,145.00 CAD
Sharp Eye Surfboards - Storms 6’4” x 20" x 2.7": $1,145.00 CAD My cart
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Sharp Eye Surfboards - Storms 6’4” x 20" x 2.7"
6'4" x 20" x 2.7" 35L
*Everyday Performance**
**Everyday Performance** This is the new Kanoa Igarashi pro model for small to medium waves. Kanoa helped japan to win the gold medal on the ISA games riding his prototype in very small conditions. This design was based on the original disco inferno squash. We basically added more area to the nose and created a bump squash on the outline for easier tight turning. We increased the nose thickness pushing the volume forward and kept the same rocker and concaves as the original disco inferno. This board glides through flat sections and it can easily turn in the tighter sections of the wave making a new go to board for all QS warriors.

** Board shipping costs vary, additional shipping may need to be added to your order. In the event of higher shipping costs we will be in contact with you to let you know the difference. Thanks for the understanding.

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