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Hyperflex VYRL 3mm Round Toe Booties

$69.95 CAD
Hyperflex VYRL 3mm Round Toe Booties: $69.95 CAD My cart
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Hyperflex VYRL 3mm Round Toe Booties

Using the VYRL CRYO 7 and VYRL 5MM boots as inspiration, Hyperflex designed the VYRL 3MM boot using a soft and minimal design approach. Thin and light weight are the predominant words here. The boot provides all the necessary warmth while maintaining the best barefoot feel available.

• 100% lined with Fire Fleece™ the same heat retaining lining used in the 5/4 winter suits.
• Fusion welded seams.
• Locking internal skin entry cuffs.
• Dual axis instep strap allows for maximum torque and comfort adjustments.
• Integrated multi-layer sole, heal and toe layers are vulcanized as a unit to provide maximum support while not compromising flexibility.
• Wide finger loop above heel for easy on and off

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