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Goodr Sunglasses - Dr. Ray, Sting

$50.00 CAD
Goodr Sunglasses - Dr. Ray, Sting: $50.00 CAD My cart
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Goodr Sunglasses - Dr. Ray, Sting
Stingrays are friends...NOT. Stingrays are a-holes! ("What?! Blasphemy! Where is your evidence for this preposterous claim?" - Dr. Ray, Sting). Have you ever been stung? That HURTS. And peeing on it doesn’t help. ("Indeed. That is correct. Finally, you say something reasonable." - Dr. Ray, Sting.) Trust us. We have a PHG, so we'd know. ("Nonsense! Owning PHG glasses does not grant toxicologic expertise!" - Dr. Ray, Sting.)

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