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Flexi-Hex Board Sleeve

$12.00 USD
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Flexi-Hex Board Sleeve

For avid surfers and Flexi-Hex Founder’s Will and Sam, the experience of receiving a new board wrapped in a vast amount of plastic diminished the excitement of buying a new board at all. And so, Flexi-Hex was born.

Our sleeves reduce packing time, enhance board protection, and simultaneously strip single-use plastic from the distribution process. Its adaptability making it suitable for boards on and off the water, so whether you ride with 4 wheels or on waves, we’re here to help your brand go plastic-free.



With current surfboard packaging times between 15- 20 minutes and a variety of different methods and materials used, Flexi-Hex is designed to be user friendly, save time and reduce your environmental impact. The majority of boards can be packaged in under 2 minutes.

High Compression

Cardboard is not only affordable, accessible, lightweight, and completely recyclable, it is also surprisingly strong and durable. The sleeves are designed to not only protect the rails but the deck, nose and tail.


With public awareness around single-use plastics and the devastating effect on the marine environment at an all time high, implementing Flexi-Hex into your packaging system will displace a considerable amount of plastic waste, and show your customers you are actively reducing your environmental footprint.

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