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FCS II MF PC Twin + Trailer Fins

Mick Fanning's take on the famous FCS H4, the FCS II MF Twin+1 PC XL Fins are the 2+1 for speed, power, and control. Made to surf fast, faster, and fastest, this fin set is stable in turns and very quick to accelerate. From taking off to finishing a wave, these are Mick Fanning approved for speed and power.

AirCore – Fins with AirCore Technology feature a pressed polyurethane foam core that mimics the geometric foil of the fin. AirCore technology reduces the amount of fiberglass required in the RTM moulding process making it much lighter while allowing total manipulation of the flex.

Side Fins – Base: 5.05" / Depth: 5.32" / Area: 20.63" / Sweep: 37 degrees / Foil: 80/20

Center Fin – Base: 3.72" / Depth: 5.32" / Area: 10.39in² / Sweep: 32.9° / Foil: 50/50

All Board Types – Including fish, funboards, and twinfins.

2 + 1 Compatible

FCS II Fin System – This fin is designed to be used exclusively with the FCS II Fin System, and will not fit in the traditional FCS Dual Plug System.

Designer: FCS

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