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Jones Surfboards - 5’9” Blackbird

"With 15-25 mph trades being our predominate winds on the North Shore, there are more windswept days than not. Spray in your eyes, navigating through fat chops coming up the face, and a relentless current make going left at Rocky Point borderline unenjoyable on the windiest days. When these trade wind systems set in, they can last for weeks, so I wanted to design a board that could handle all of these elements and make going left fun again.For the outline of this board, I used one of my favorites, a '70s style single fin Lightning Bolt with a little extra tail width to accommodate a four fin design. The quad setup adds it's own natural speed to help combat the headwind, and a little extra power for driving through the tube while maintaining control when running through the chop. The outline has a lot of width and volume in the front half, which helps with paddling. I kept the beak nose to pay homage to those who came before us, and because it's the best way to hide volume upfront and make a thick nose look good. I also went with the full deck logo, which was popular back in the '70s" - D. Jones



'70s aesthetic quad.

1'-10' Hawaiian scale waves (depending on length).

Wide point forward.

Tailored for the elements. 


Height: 5’9”

Width: 19 1/4”

Thickness: 2 1/2”

Fins: Futures Quad

Designer: Daniel Jones

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