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Jones Surfboards- 6’0” Cobblestone

"... it's like a twin fin, but easier to ride. Like a quad just a little faster. It does everything except Tail Slides" - D. Jones

Cobblestone Description

"The Cobblestone was a special request from Nico. He asked to make something for your (Nova Scotia) points. When I first think of points, I think of peeling perfection, then I think of all the different sections - might be fast, soft, hollow or all of the above. Parko is the perfect point break surfer. Fast, smooth, perfect carves, links turns, and skates through the flats effortlessly. All of this was considered and designed in the Cobblestone. The fin set up rides like a twin fin that won't slide out... Fun on small days, but will hold in when its well overhead. Also, you'll make it out of barrels and around sections you wouldn't normally make... So it's pretty good" - D. Jones. 

The Skinny

  • Twin (+2)
  • Holds speed and easy to control
  • Tons of drive but you can change directions quickly
  • Natural speed uses less energy


Height: 6'0”

Width: 21”

Thickness: 2 3/4" 

Board Includes Custom rear Trailer Fins. (Main upright twin fins not included)


Designer: Daniel Jones

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