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Dakine - Longboard Calf Leash 9'

$45.00 CAD
Dakine - Longboard Calf Leash 9': $45.00 CAD My cart
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Dakine - Longboard Calf Leash 9'

Dakine Longboard Calf is a Leash , which is specifically designed for a Longboard . It has a little longer Neck so that the line does not come in the way. Dakine Leash is made of a special, 6.5mm thick and highly resilient urethane material that provides a reliable safety even at very high waves.


Product details

  • 9'0'' x 1.4'

Product features 

  • Suitable for head high waves
  • 6.5 mm thick urethane Dura-Cord Leash for maximum stability and resistance
  •  to fix
  • On the calf, Velcro
  • calf sleeve made of 50mm thick neoprene for added comfort
  • Newly developed Leash end for added durability
  • Easy Clip compatible for maximum security
  • Removable 40mm Rail Saver protects the edge of the board against cuts


Leash: 60% TPU, 15% Polyproplylen, 10% neoprene, 10% nylon, 5% Stainless
ankle cuff 100% polychloroprene (neoprene)

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