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Rip Curl Women's Dawn Patrol 5/4 Chest Zip

ou'll get warmth, performance, and durability but at an excellent price when you get this 5/4mm Women's Rip Curl DAWN PATROL Hooded Fullsuit. Coming from the Dawn Patrol series, you know you're getting a solid wetsuit thanks to the 100% stretch E5 neoprene which provides 30% more stretch and is 20% lighter than Rip's E4 technology. Other features include: an E5 flash lining in the front and back panels which funnels water out rapidly and keeps you warm and comfortable, sealed and E5 taping which keeps the water out and gives you a durable suit, E4 Thermo Lining in the lower section for more warmth and stretch, an attached hood, and kneepads.

Designer: RIPCURL

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