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Ricky Carroll - 9'4 Ricky Retro 3

$2,145.00 CAD
Ricky Carroll - 9'4 Ricky Retro 3: $2,145.00 CAD My cart
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Ricky Carroll - 9'4 Ricky Retro 3

The Ricky Carroll Ricky Retro 3 Surfboard is a classic longboard shape with 60/40 rails and a slight rolled bottom so it’s very forgiving and fun to ride! The Ricky Carroll Retro 3 has a more pulled in pintail than the Ricky Carrol Retro, and Ricky Carrol Retro 2, which helps the board turn better without sacrificing noseriding capabilities. A great longboard for someone looking to mainly noseride, but still turn on a dime when needed.

*** Pick-up and In-store purchases only. This item does not ship. ***

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