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Bing - 9'4 California Square Type 2

$2,145.00 CAD
Bing - 9'4 California Square Type 2: $2,145.00 CAD My cart
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Bing - 9'4 California Square Type 2

When I set out to design the California Square, my goal was to make a faster noserider that could surf any type of wave on any coast.  I felt on certain waves I was getting caught behind on sections especially on mushy, crumbly waves. So in conceptualizing the Cali Square, the idea was to go back to design basics.  With an 18 1/2" nose and 17" tail, I achieved a more parallel outline.  Then I offset the wide tail with a thinner rail with more belly in the tail to keep it loose in turns. At first I went very flat with the rocker but found I wasn’t getting enough lift in the pocket when noseridering, so instead, I kept adding tail rocker while keeping the nose rocker flat until I achieved a good balance between speed and lift. I maintained a medium depth blended concave.  The only trade-off with the design is that because the board does run faster than my other models, it forces you to burn speed and stall properly to get good long noserides. I feel it's an exciting and challenging board that ultimately results in longer overall rides. - Matt Calvani, shaper/designer

Average Nose: 18.5"
Average Tail: 17"


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