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Solarez Polyester Microlite Fill - 2oz

$15.95 CAD
Solarez Polyester Microlite Fill - 2oz: $15.95 CAD My cart
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Solarez Polyester Microlite Fill - 2oz

What is Solarez Microlite DUAL CURE Epoxy? It is a white putty made of high-strength UV-Cure resin and super lightweight additives that effectively repair ALL TYPES OF SURFBOARD FOAM, including Styrofoam. This putty cures in roughly 3 minutes by exposure to sunlight or artificial UV light. Or, it can be cured by MEKP catalyst (yes, MEKP) for repairing deep cavities, fin plugs or fin box foundations and other internal structural fillings. It sands and fairs very nicely, making it an easy one-step repair for most any ding. UV-CURE (for superficial dings less than 1/4" deep) 1) Apply in the shade. 2) For easier shaping and faster curing, cover the wet resin with a sheet of clear plastic wrap (Mylar is best). You can easily shape the resin to the contour of the board. 3) Expose to sunlight for 3 minutes 4) Peel off plastic wrap and touch-up sand. DUAL-CURE 1) Into a mixing cup, squeeze out enough Microlite to fill the ding cavity and add 2% Methyl Ethyl Ketone Peroxide (MEKP) catalyst. Mix well. 2) If your ding is very deep, apply a thin layer (1/16") of Microlite all over the interior of the ding. Cure it in the sun for a couple of minutes. 3) Pour the mixture into the ding cavity, cover with a clear plastic sheet. 4) Expose to sunlight. The compound will cure throughout in approximately 5 minutes




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